Blogging means…never having to say, “I’m sorry!”

I am sorry but I just have not been in the mood to blog. Well, it’s time to SNAP OUT OF IT and start writing again. COVID 19 is not going away any time soon and we are living in that new normal that everyone keeps talking about. Well….are you living your life? 

This has been a very difficult time for all of us. For me personally, I feel as if life has been on pause. My focus is on one thing and one thing only – surviving physically and mentally. 

Im so upset when I hear that people refuse to wear masks. Whats the big deal about wearing a mask to protect yourself and others.  Asians have been wearing masks since the 1950’s as a commonplace way of life.  The Japanese feel it is the courteous thing to wear when you have a cold so as not to spread your germs. When Japanese women don’t have the time to put on make up they throw on a mask. In the Philippines, motorcycle and scooter riding is very popular. Drivers will wear a mask to protect themselves from smelly fumes while in traffic. Taiwanese citizens wear masks to protect themselves from cold weather and the effects of pollution in the air.  So wtf , US? Get with the program and start wearing a mask. If you can’t get a medical quality mask there are numerous on line sources….let me list a few really fashionable ones for you:

As for social distancing…..ok I have always been a big hugger and kisser when I greet people. Well, no more….and you know what…I don’t miss it. I don’t want your germs. I have a lot of huggy friends and we love each other dearly but I don’t miss their touch. STOP touching each other. Stay 6 feet away from each other. Do you really know what 6 feet looks like?

Ok….finally let’s talk parties and social gatherings. I agree I miss this. I love a fun get together as much as anyone else, but for now. I am not doing it. My idea of fun has changed for now and trust me…I WILL BE BACK dancing at your party very soon. Here is a few ways of having fun with just a few people.

Hang out in your back yard or in a park and have a social distance meal. No, I do not wear a mask while eating and in all honesty when I am outside and feel I am far enough from people I don’t wear the mask. However, when I come home I wash my hands, shower and change my clothing. 

Play a game of golf. I dabble in golf and although I am not great I enjoy the challenge of hitting that little ball really dead on and making a nice shot. Golf is the perfect way to spend time with 3 other people and remain socially distant. 

In a previous blog I mentioned playing on line games such as:

My daughter who NEVER was into video games got a Nintendo Switch and is obsessed with the game, Animal Crossing. Just in case you are unaware of this new game trend, here’s a great article to get you in the now:

Spend your time wisely and try and expand your mind during this time. There are ton of online classes to take now. If you are not interested in learning anything new, well….clean your house….it is cathartic and you cant imagine how much stuff you can repurpose and or donate!

Jane xo 

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