Packing a suitcase

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Ive been told I pack a great suitcase. Traveling is fun but packing is a pain in the a—. There are so many rules and regulations when traveling via air. The last time I traveled I forgot I couldn’t carry on my Colgate toothpaste because it was a full size tube. Ugh, I was so pissed. But I do appreciate the protection from our airline security people. 

Organization is the key to a well packed luggage. If you think before you pack, trust me you will not be one of those people standing there trying to remove 2 pounds from your suitcase at the check in counter. In the heat of the moment how can you really know what 2 pounds of stuff is….1 shoe, 2 pairs of sox, a sweatshirt….ugh, its exasperating! I recently came across this VERY funny and SO TRUE video on YouTube from the hilarious Sebastian Maniscalco.

Im here to help….first off lets talk about my 3 favorite luggage options.

I have owned Tumi luggage for about 20 years. It is durable and they stand by their product. I have had one piece that needed repair twice in its lifetime and both times were fixed promptly. My one complaint is that it is heavy. I try so hard not to go over the weight limit and with my Tumi pieces I have to be careful. I am sure I am not the only person with this issue because as I investigate some Tumi pieces for this blog I notice they now have a light weight line. So definitely check this out!

Briggs and Riley luggage is a great alternative to Tumi. Definitely cheaper in price but just as durable and stylish as Tumi. The pieces I own are lighter in weight than our Tumi. My favorite feature of the B&R luggage is their compression-expandable feature. You can extend your luggage, fill it up and then compress it. You can pack a lot this way without the bulk of a giant piece of luggage. 

A lot of people are traveling with the Away bag. It is light weight, ergonomic and you can purchase the optional battery pack to charge your electronic devices while waiting for your flight. It comes in a lot of color options and is well priced. 

So as for packing….its all in the planning. 

Questions to ask yourself:

  1. How many days will I be away 
  2. How many nights will I be away 
  3. What will I be doing during the day 
  4. What will I be doing at night 
  5. Will I need formal attire
  6. Will I be walking or doing a lot of physical activities
  7. Will I be swimming and if yes, where? A pool, the beach?
  8. What will I need to carry with me during the day and during the night 
  9. How will I pack medications and other personal items 
  10. How can I stay comfortable while traveling

I have prepared a comprehensive packing list which I feel rivals that of the most well traveled folk. I would love to share it with you. If you are interested, please fill out this form and I will email it to you. Use it as is or use it as a guide to create your own. Either way, safe travels and have fun.

Jane xo