A beautiful Autumn weekend in Vermont

Now that we are done with Halloween and we turned the clocks back, I guess winter must be coming. Ugh, winter is so bleak. The lack of color really does something to my mental sate of mind. I just love the autumn. I love the colors – gold, green, red and burnt orange. The leaves are so beautiful now that I can’t imagine the bareness that is approaching.

I always wanted to do a fall foliage road trip. Well, we spent a glorious weekend in Shelburne VT.  First the ride up from Long Island on the Taconic State parkway was amazing. It was mid October and the leaves were at peak once we left the green of Nassau county, Long Island.With the Adirondack Mountains on one side of us and the Green Mountains on the other I was enveloped in a color explosion. We stayed on a sustainable farm adjacent to Lake Champlain. The crystal blue water meeting up with the majestic mountains was magical. It happened to be the coldest weekend in VT when we decided to do our road trip and it even snowed a bit. I could see snow capped mountains in the distance. I actually watched the snow travel across the Lake and land on the Inn we were staying at. Mother Nature at her best!

Photo credit: Me

As for the Inn at Shelburne Farm, Patricia Schultz lists it in the book “1,000 Places to See Before You Die.” It’s a must! The Inn is a 19th-century country home on 1,400 acres of land and is a National Landmark and a non-profit organization promoting sustainable living. Everything that is made on the farm is used on the property. Vermont’s culture of sustainability is so cool. The people of this state are so respectful of their land and environment. I felt so alive breathing in the fresh air and my belly was so satisfied with the amazing food that is served with love and attention to every morsel. There were farm animals, walking trails, fresh bread and cheese, afternoon tea and scones, great cocktails and wine, fireplaces, superb food…it was a home run.

Oh, did I tell you the Inn has no air-conditioning and no heat! YEP…it is only open May to October and it would be prohibitively costly for the organization to heat the place. Well, we went the last weekend they were open and it turned out to be record cold. LOL…The Inn keepers do provide nice down blankets to keep you warm, but…. OMG…baby it was cold at night. I slept with a couple of layers and even socks (something I hate to do and find it cuts off my blood supply!) Although there are lovely beautiful fireplaces in the main lobby and library areas, the fireplaces in the rooms are not to be used. We found if we turned the shower on as hot as it could go, we could get warm by standing in the bathroom. Thank goodness for cocktails and wine with dinner! I won’t go into details but snuggling with a lover helps too!!Ok, forget about the cold room…. it was beautiful and I highly recommend it.

Jane xo

P.S. f you are interested in receiving a wonderful winter soup compliments of the Inn, complete the below form and I will email you the recipe.

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